Why Custom Made Shirts Offer A Compelling Value Proposition

A custom-made shirt is rare. It’s one of the few things that a man can possess where he’s able to triple its value at his very whim. You see, a shirt has an extensive list of features, and in each feature you’re able to attain the perfect fit, add personalized touches, establish wardrobe longevity and multiply quality that no off-the-rack shirt can provide.

For example, if we’re just talking about the collar which is probably the most important feature on a shirt, you have the complete assurance that your hand-moulded collar will give you that perfect 2-finger breathing room. You never have to worry about sagging because they always stay crisp and sharp. There are countless personal touches to add: perhaps you want to mix and match different luxury fabrics, patterns, special embroideries, the list goes on…

But you’re going to get real value when your hand-moulded collar enhances your cosmetic value. By that we mean, if you have a wide face, you would visually profit from a narrow collar point because it balances out your face, giving it more of a vertical impression. A narrow face would greatly benefit from a wider collar point.

Just to give you another example of value multiplied, the cuffs on your shirt can even be customized to convert from button to French on the same shirt, thus giving you the luxury to wear the same shirt at work or for a special occasion.

The perfect fit in the perfect style with the perfect fabric is a guaranteed rare performance that only a custom-made man gets to experience.